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Sportsmanship expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake. The well-known sentiment by sports journalist , that it's "not that you won or lost but how you played the game", and the modern Olympic creed expressed by its founder : "The most important thing... is not winning but taking part" are typical expressions of this sentiment.

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The city can be reached only by airplane or boat, with the exception of a road to , a small town roughly 100 km (62 mi) south (which is not connected to the country's main road network). Ocean vessels of 3,000 to 9,000 tons and 5.5 metres (18 ft) can reach Iquitos via the Amazon River from the Atlantic Ocean, 3,600 kilometres (2,200 miles) away. Most people travel within the city via bus, motorcycle, or the ubiquitous (, or ). This is a modified motorcycle with a cabin behind supported by two wheels, seating up to three persons. Transportation to nearby towns often requires a river trip via a small public motorized boat.

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Unfortunately Racism is still evident in modern sport. Sports such as Football have had a long history of racism being evident in the professional game.

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Ethical matters arise in the contemporary businesses for various reasons. They may be due to the lack of adherence to the code of conduct or the drifting of individuals from the personal character and integrity. Quite a big number of ethical matters in the modern businesses are related to the human resources concerns, customer confidence matters, and the issues touching some conflicts of interest. These concerns may result to such legal redresses as well as may cost the firm not only economic loss but also may lead to the loss of consumers by this company. Ethical concerns in the human resources may be determined in a manner in which employees undertake their duties and responsibilities. A lot of these issues emerge due to the harassment, hiring and firing, privacy policies, and discrimination (Morgan and Klaus, 1995). Businesses try to cushion themselves from this by integrating the fair-mindedness into their businesses. This is achieved with implementing such elements as reciprocity, equity, and impartiality in their businesses.

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in our modern day setup or even if it does, is it really that necessary? Does taking away a person’s life serve justice as it should?

Taylor argued that football hooliganism was caused by young, working class fans, who were showing resistance to the forces of modernization in football. Taylor wrote about the attempt to bourgeoisify football, and argued that the so-called ‘football hooligans’ were actually expressing a form of resistance to this take-over of a working class game.

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Approaches to understanding football fan behaviour in terms of sub-cultural styles were promoted principally by Marxist sociologist John Clarke. Clarke has a similar line to that of Taylor, emphasising professionalisation and spectacularisation as bringing forth a corresponding alienation among the supporters (Berridge 1988). Clarke argued that specific sub-cultural styles enabled young working class people, and males in particular, to resolve essential conflicts in their lives – specifically those of subordination to adults and the subordination implicit in being a member of the working class itself. Post-war sub-cultures, such as those of the Teddy Boys, Mods and Skinheads have all been examples of these symbolic attempts to resolve structural and material problems.

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The Collective Imagination explores the social foundations of the human imagination. In a lucid and wide-ranging discussion, Peter Murphy looks at the collective expression of the imagination in our economies, universities, cities, and political systems, providing a tour-de-force account of the power of the imagination to unite opposites and find similarities among things that we ordinarily think of as different. It is not only individuals who possess the power to imagine; societies do as well. A compelling journey through various peak moments of creation, this book examines the cities and nations, institutions and individuals who ply the paraphernalia of paradoxes and dialogues, wry dramaturgy and witty expression that set the act of creation in motion. Whilst exploring the manner in which, through the media of pattern, figure, and shape, and the miracles of metaphor, things come into being, Murphy recognises that creative periods never last: creative forms invariably tire; inventive centres inevitably fade. The Collective Imagination explores the contemporary dilemmas and historic pathos caused by this-as cities and societies, periods and generations slip behind in the race for economic and social discovery. Left bewildered and bothered, and struggling to catch up, they substitute empty bombast, faded glory, chronic dullness or stolid glumness for initiative, irony, and inventiveness. A comprehensive audit of the creativity claims of the post-modern age - that finds them badly wanting and looks to the future - The Collective Imagination will appeal to sociologists and philosophers concerned with cultural theory, cultural and media studies and aesthetics.

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Nowdays sports attract the public interest and “Modern sports and modern mass media are both multibillion-dollar businesses. Elite sports cannot function as