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Quotes such as this show that no one cared about the gladiators since they were slaves. All they cared about was that they put on a good show for the spectators. Indeed, once people became gladiators they were automatically “beneath the law and not a respectable citizen.”

to rise like smoke (assuming all things become one). or busy with other assignments. Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. obedient. Don’t let the true nature or value of anything elude you. 5. The mind is that which is roused and directed by. Dying . Look inward. The best revenge is not to be like that. 7. delight and stillness. all existing things will be transformed. It knows no evil. To move from one unselfish action to another with God in mind. 6. too. and causes harm to nothing. And the logos that governs it has no reason to do evil. The rest doesn’t matter. 4. 8. is one of our assignments in life. It dictates all beginnings and all endings. Nature is pliable. and what it has to work with. Before long. Only there. .” 3. and what it has to do. . Because dying. does none. 2. or be dispersed in fragments. The logos knows where it stands.1. There as well: “to do what needs doing. Just that you do the right thing. Despised or honored.

Gladiator didn’t show much of the training that the men received. It always showed them in battle, but not what went on behind the scenes and all the vigorous training they had to go through. In Roman times, gladiators had to endure lengthy and demanding training so that they could be prepared for what lay before them. In the movie, Maximus was Rome’s greatest general so they just assumed he was the best around and did not need any training.

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A few words of warning. My primary audience is myself, and some of the advice is specific to my career situation [*], and therefore may not be directly applicable to others. And, of course, it’s all just my opinion anyway. I hope, however, that it’ll still be stimulating and helpful.

Bust of Marcus Aurelius at the British Museum.

In the first place, all would agree that, if we led our lives according to the ways intended by nature and the lessons taught by her, we should be intuitively obedient to our parents; later we should adopt reason as our guide and become slaves to nobody. Concerning the obedience given instinctively to one's father and mother, we are in agreement, each one admitting himself to be a model. As to whether reason is born with us or not, that is a question loudly discussed by academicians and treated by all schools of philosophers. For the present I think I do not err in stating that there is in our souls some native seed of reason, which, if nourished by good counsel and training, flowers into virtue, but which, on the other hand, if unable to resist the vices surrounding it, is stifled and blighted. Yet surely if there is anything in this world clear and obvious, to which one cannot close one's eyes, it is the fact that nature, handmaiden of God, governess of men, has cast us all in the same mold in order that we may behold in one another companions, or rather brothers. If in distributing her gifts nature has favored some more than others with respect to body or spirit, she has nevertheless not planned to place us within this world as if it were a field of battle, and has not endowed the stronger or the cleverer in order that they may act like armed brigands in a forest and attack the weaker. One should rather conclude that in distributing larger shares to some and smaller shares to others, nature has intended to give occasion for brotherly love to become manifest, some of us having the strength to give help to others who are in need of it. Hence, since this kind mother has given us the whole world as a dwelling place, has lodged us in the same house, has fashioned us according to the same model so that in beholding one another we might almost recognize ourselves; since she has bestowed upon us all the great gift of voice and speech for fraternal relationship, thus achieving by the common and mutual statement of our thoughts a communion of our wills; and since she has tried in every way to narrow and tighten the bond of our union and kinship; since she has revealed in every possible manner her intention, not so much to associate us as to make us one organic whole, there can be no further doubt that we are all naturally free, inasmuch as we are all comrades. Accordingly it should not enter the mind of anyone that nature has placed some of us in slavery, since she has actually created us all in one likeness.

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1) The issue at hand is macroevolution. In order to support macroevolution, it must be backed up by evidence. Here are some facts that you have repeatedly failed to respond to:

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Newton’s revelations were not all proven completely wrong. He set us on the right path and the understanding progressed. He was not condemned or ridiculed, but celebrated as Einsteins understandings took us even further. His contribution was amongst the most significant in history. Darwin shares a similar position. Perhaps Gould’s punctuated equilibrium will ammend some ideas about Darwinism and will take us forward. I think this is a real possibility, but even if this is the future of our understanding, it is pasted all over his website and in his memory that Gould was a Darwinist with a slightly different take, but a Darwinist without doubt.

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6) Well said regarding the the scientific process. The rest is not so well said. It is testable. It has been tested. It continues to be tested. New examples and understandings are being uncovered, reviewed and verified all the time. Lynn Margulis, who I would say is a credible reference, is someone that refers to herself as a Darwinist remember. It is neo-Darwinism which she rejects in your quote. I know there is a difference between the two and perhaps she will be proved right about neo-Darwinism, but without doubt a Darwinist she claims to be. I remain interested by her and I think to myself she may be right about neo Darwinism, but she makes no such claim about basic Darwinism.

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5) I did not reply to that, you are right. I don’t think that genetic limits would constrict the opportunity for macro evolution. This would need more consideration, amidst all these other points and I will give it some as I have already written much. My initial question would be, ‘what is meant by genetic limits?’ Following that I would say, ‘if there are genetic limits, why should this prevent macroevolution in any way? Surely the array of geneteic variety that is self evident on this planet just by looking out of the window is enough information for evolution of all kinds and in all directions to take place.