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How many, on average, university students have overprotective parents in this country?

Overprotective parents mean well. After all, it's a parent's job to protect children from harm -- but some parents go a little too far. They figure the more hands-on and involved they are in their children's lives, the better, but that's not always true. For example, parents aren't "helping" their child by stealing Easter eggs from a public egg hunt to ensure their child gets his share, as some Colorado Springs parents did in 2012, according to "The Herald Bulletin" Online. Being classified as "overprotective" means a parent is on the extreme end of the spectrum and is likely causing some unintended consequences.

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yourattachment to be an overprotective parent andfind constructive ways to release yourself from your fears before yougive them to your children. Get professional help if your fearfulnessis acute.

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Over protective parenting also has a bad effect on a child's . As a result of preventing the child from taking charge he starts to think that he is not capable of facing life on his own and thus his self esteem deteriorates.

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Being a soccer referee is one of the most valuable job experiences I’ve ever had, even if it’s one of the hardest. The reason might be surprising – refereeing is terrifying. The first time I stepped out on the field, I was 14 and I wanted to run away: far, far away from the players and especially the adults. The parents, many of whom are cultured professionals practicing law and medicine, are anything but when they line the sideline. They do not see a kid who happens to be a referee. They see an enemy whose decisions directly affect what they desperately want. Normal rules of culture and society do not apply. More than once, I’ve awakened one Saturday morning, dreading getting up and going. Never mind learning about the mechanics of a sport I love, or having a job that demands fitness and intellect for very little pay. When refereeing, I am under strict scrutiny by over-protective parents, competitive players and coaches, and die-hard fans; I am the object of insult, the center of riots, the scapegoat and whipping boy.

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What is the effect of over protection on children?And how do overprotective parents affect the  of their children?

In the i said that both pampering and the over protection done by parents are among the factors that can ruin a child's self esteem and that can have a severe effect on his self image.

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As a result of being raised by over protective parents many children turn into rebels who refuse to take orders from anyone. This might make them turn into adults who have problems conforming to rules in school or work.

Overprotective parents mean well

As a result of overprotective parenting the child who has a low self esteem and who fears taking risks is likely to live his whole life in a safe corner. He would never attempt to do anything that he is not familiar with because that will appear unsafe to him.

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This essay will look at three journal articles and what they state about Child Protective Services. The first article is by Radhakrishna, Bou-Saada, Hunter, Catellier and Kotch (2001) in the Journal of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children. The article looks at Child Maltreatment and the role of father surrogates in this phenomenon. The research studies the effect of having a father figure in the home to the percentage incidence of maltreatment of children. Earlier research in this area has focused mainly on sexual abuse but this research attempts to find out whether the presence of this surrogate father subsequently results in increased incidence of child maltreatment. This was done via a longitudinal sample of children at risk in the North Carolina Central Registry for Child Abuse and Neglect was utilized as the source of child history of maltreatment. The result was that there was a doubling of incidence of maltreatment of children after entry of a surrogate father as compared to those with no father figure or with a biological father.

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The third article explores how parents feel about their experience with child protective services. It focuses on the specifics of worker-client relationship in the context of child protective services. It is written by Maiter, Sarah., Palmer, Sally., & Manji, Shehenaz in 2006 and emphasizes that the relationship that the social worker cultivates with the parents is really crucial to the well-being of the child. This is supported by prior researches that have proven the importance of this relationship.